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our mission

Glam Poodles is a PFP project with 10,000 unique, randomly generated NFTs.

Our mission is to create a fun, vibrant, and inclusive community dedicated to promoting the creativity and entrepreneurship of underrepresented individuals across many different mediums.  We seek to bring artists, musicians, writers, and crafters together to share their talents, their expertise, and their work.  

Through creator spotlights, sponsorships, and endorsements, we strive to utilize our platform to connect creative individuals with an audience for their art and the opportunity to join an alliance of their peers.  

Imagine the world we can create together.

Stadium Concrete Seats

glam poodles

Our premiere NFT collection features 10,000 unique, randomly generated avatars.  With enough elements to create over 10 million unique pieces, each poodle brings their own flair and style to the collection. 

Ranging from elegant to sporty to silly, there is something for everyone.  Lucky minters also have a chance to mint a super rare, one of a kind, hand rendered poodle. 

Owning a Glam Poodle comes with unique benefits including the opportunity to join the Glam Squad.

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Glam Poodles
Stadium Concrete Seats

oodles of poodles

No matter your NFT aspirations, our community offers something for everyone!


A very mysterious poodle who seems ready to solve a crime case or be an undercover spy for a secret organization.

Investors have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly expanding community.  They will have the opportunity to invest in up and coming artists featured in our Creator Spotlights. 


Holders will also be eligible for prizes, giveaways, and first access to

future collections.


A glamorous poodle posing in the fashion of a famous painting.  Her silk scarf and pearl earring give her a mysterious allure.

With so many different combinations, every poodle is a collector's item.  A poodle might be highly sought after for a rare or super rare attribute, or even for its simplicity!

 Collectors will also be eligible for giveaways from our Glam Poodle Curation of community and Creator Spotlight artists.


This patchwork poodle has bee stitched and stuffed together with yarn and spare fabric.  The button eyes look blankly ahead, lifeless like a doll.

Creators of all types are welcome!  With our spotlights showcasing emerging artists, musicians, writers, crafters, and more !


There will be many opportunities to share your work and find your audience while networking with other artists across many different mediums!

Oodles of Poodles
Stadium Concrete Seats

glam -list

We'll be giving away spots on our glam list so our dedicated community members and promoters can secure a spot to mint a Glam Poodle NFT.  Glam list members will be able to mint before the general public at a discounted price of .03 ETH.


Contests and giveaways

Be an active member of our community on Twitter

Invite your friends

Engage with us on social media

Be creative and get our attention! 

Glam List
Stadium Concrete Seats

the future of


As our community continues to expand, we will open up a world of possibility.  Our ultimate goal of empowering women to pursue their creative passions will always take center stage. 

We want our members to have a say in what kind of content and events they'd like to see in the future.  



  • Creator Spotlights:

    • Work with creators towards expanding visibility for their art

    • Spotlights across multiple mediums including:

      • 1/1 NFT Artists​

      • NFT Collections & Projects

      • NFT Music, Writing, & Dance

      • Traditional Media

      • Indie Authors & Musicians

      • Small Craft Shops

  • Growing community through Twitter spaces, contests, online events.


  • Expanding Creator Spotlights to include:

    • Glam-Squad nominated projects​

    • Glam-Squad exclusive spotlights

  • Glam Poodle Curation

    • Purchase of spotlight and community art to add to our curation​

    • Curated art will be used for future contests, giveaways, and events.

  • Collaborations with Glam Squad members


  • In-Person Events

    • Meet & Greet Events

    • Seminars

    • Art Fairs and Exhibitions​​

Our focus will always be on creating an accessible space with equitable opportunities for all our Glam Poodle community members. (Whether you hold a Glam Poodle NFT or not) 

We want our community to be a place of robust community involvement where everyone feels safe and confident sharing their art and using their own authentic voice.  

Let us lead with kindness and empathy towards the future!

Stadium Concrete Seats
The Feminist#10.png

spotlight submissions

Our Creator Spotlights are geared towards helping underrepresented, up-and-coming artists find a broader audience for their work.  

Our goal is to spotlight artists across many different mediums, bring them together, and let their voices

be heard.

Spotlights will run on a monthly basis and include:

  • Interviews on Twitter Spaces

  • Tweets & Promotions

  • Showcase on our Website

  • Free Glam Poodle NFT (coming soon!)

  • Artwork Added to Curation (post-mint)

Pre-mint our spotlights will include:

  • 1/1 NFT Artists

  • NFT Collections & Projects

  • NFT Photography, Music, Writing, Dance

  • Traditional Media

  • Indie Authors & Musicians

  • Small Craft Shop Businesses

Submissions are OPEN

Stadium Concrete Seats

our team


Heather W.
aka Glamour Ninja






L. Vampa
L. Wilmore


Our Team
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