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Heather W.

Q.  What drew you to NFTs?

A. I've been fascinated by the growth in the NFT space.  It's such an interesting phenomenon that is really giving artists the reigns and the platform to promote their own work.  The more I explored, the more it seemed to me that women were under-represented in this new field. 

I wanted to create a community where we can all have fun, network, and explore the many opportunities that web3 has to offer.

Q.  Why Poodles??

A. Why not poodles!  When I was brainstorming ideas, I wanted to have something that could be glamorous but silly, beautiful but fun.  As I really started thinking about where I wanted to take this project, poodles seemed like the perfect thing. 


I knew I wanted to make a space for creative people to interact and - well- create!  Poodles in a way brings me back to my childhood and the things I would make back then.  I had a pet poodle growing up and I would write and illustrate all sorts of stories about her.  She was like a fabulous cross between Indiana Jones and Carmen San Diego and would go on all sorts of adventures around the world. 


I think sometimes as we grow older we lose some of the unbridled creativity we had in our youth.  Other things get in the way - work, bills, adulting - and in a lot of ways this project, for me, is built out of a desire to return to a mental space where creativity is the driving force in what I do.  

Q.  What inspired the Glam Poodles project?

A.  The more I've delved into the world of NFTs and saw independent artists finding success with their art online - the more it inspired me.  I know so many amazing and creative people - artists, musicians, crafters, creators - who are all so incredibly talented and really excel at their arts.  But besides from their brilliant skills they have another thing in common - they are all "stuck" in unfulfilling jobs that don't allow them freedom to use their creativity to its full potential. 


When your main concern is getting by or paying the bills, it makes it almost impossible to pursue the things that really fulfill you - and I believe that creative individuals not being able to share their talents is a detriment to us all.  Just imagine what amazing things we can create if we just have the time, energy, and mental space.  My ultimate goal with this project is to grow a community dedicated towards helping underrepresented artists pursue their passions and giving them a platform to connect, network, and find an audience for their passions.

To put it simply - I want to succeed and create...and I want to bring along as many of you into this success as possible!

poodle sketch.png
The Star Baker#10.png

Q.  What is your goal for the Glam Poodle Community?

A. Modern technology and the internet have opened so many doors for creatives to really take full control over their artistic process.  Things that once required a studio backing, a publisher, a patron, can now, in a lot of ways, be achieved online.  The hardest part is finding your audience and community - and those are the opportunities we want to help provide. 


I want to create a space for creatives of all types to talk their arts, to form meaningful connections with other community members, and to learn new skills to help them promote what they do and elevate their artistic endeavors to reach new audiences.

I want to see people helping people.  I want to see members providing feedback and support for each other.  I want to see members collaborating and promoting each other.  

I want to see a growth of the NFT space as a place that is inclusive and welcoming to all people with equitable opportunities across all communities.  My hope is that this project brings in creative people into the NFT space who may have not otherwise engaged with it.  

I want to hear the voices of those in the community and I want their ideas and vision to help us grow.  With the web3 space being so new, we have the opportunity to make inclusivity and accessibility bedrocks of this new and innovative space.  Let's build it together!